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Paddle, a soft and complete sporting activity


The paddle practice is a soft and complete sporting activity. Indeed even on a calm and flat water all muscles are solicited.

A fun sport that works the upper and lower body

While riding on a paddle, you make work your lower limbs to keep balance on an unstable board. For this you have to slightly bend the knees and getting done you do work the muscles of the ankles, knees, hips and thighs. Work smoothly to your body weight and smoothly in the muscles and joints.

Rowing, you work the muscles of the upper body. Indeed to keep balance by rowing, you use your lap belt and your back muscles. In addition, the rowing movement makes you work the muscles of the shoulders, pecs and arms.

All without muscular and articular violence. You can also work on your endurance with the effort, varying the speed and therefore the intensity of the rowing movement.

An outdoor sport

The paddle is a sport that is practiced outdoors and on any type of water: ocean, sea, pond, lake or river. So you can play sports and escape in an exceptional setting and make the most of nature and the elements around you.

You can also take the opportunity to discover your region from another angle by looking for beautiful places and sometimes only accessible by water.

A sport for all

The Paddle is above all a pleasure sport, which can be practiced as well as alone. Affordable and open to everyone so it can be practiced with friends or family to have fun during a ride or seek performance between followers.